Restrictions and Limitations in the Campground

Our park has some limitations, mainly because of its location and size.  These don't appear to affect the majority of our campers, but might be a factor for those with motor homes, small children etc.
  • Because our park has a septic waste system, no sites have underground sullage.  Please empty your chemical toilet tanks before arriving.
  • Due to our restricted water supply, sites do not have their own taps. Each level of the park is serviced by a single rainwater and bore water tap, situated near the steps. Please ask if you need a hose to fill your tank.
  • Please note that while our bore water is treated and perfectly safe for general use, it has a very high mineral content: drinking it is therefore not recommended, nor should it be used for washing cars or boat motors.
  • We unfortunately don't have any playground equipment for children - the insurance premiums are prohibitive for a park as small as ours.
  • We do not have a games room.
  • Maximum of 3 adults permitted to stay on any campsite, any season.
  • Maximum of 2 vehicles, or 1 vehicle and 1 boat, per site, any season. Extra car and boat parking is available elsewhere in the park, or behind the shop for a small fee.
  • Please click here for the full printable set of rules.
Additional Charges
Most "extras" in the park are provided free of charge - e.g. we don't charge for dogs, extra vehicles, freezer use and so on - but the following will attract extra fees:
  • Vans using air conditioners for either heating or cooling will attract a $2/day surcharge.
  • Campers using other power-guzzling electric appliances such as freezers, spotlights etc. may be asked to pay a reasonable excess power-usage fee.  (Use of the park's freezers is free of charge.)