The Wonboyn district is home to hundreds of species of birds, and a good number of native animals.  Many can be seen right here in the park, but a quiet walk through the bush or the beach almost guarantees sighting the shyer creatures such as lyre birds.  (Having said that, plenty of lyre birds can be seen wandering about the park throughout winter, casually uprooting the lawns and Bucky's flowerbeds!)

Rainbow lorikeets, king parrots, crimson rosellas, wood ducks, wonga pigeons, turtle doves, shrike thrushes, bower birds, currawongs and kookaburras all visit the park regularly, looking for handouts.  (It's vital for the health of these birds that humans only feed them the right foods - i.e. no bread and honey for the lorikeets!)We also have a variety of little birds, notably firetail finches and several types of wren and honey eaters.

Animal residents in the park include half a dozen kangaroos and wallabies, goannas, bandicoots and of course both ring and brush tail possums.  More occasional visitors include wombats and even pythons!

Use the arrow keys above to view a small selection of bird and animal photos,  taken in and around the park.  Thanks to Dawne Grant for the use of some of her excellent photographs.